The biggest productivity killer is that there’s an app for that … and that … and that, too

I Agree apps can be helpful but are we going to far?? app culture is the way to go but sometimes there is no need for an app maybe just some hard work tony@vendfind


Have you ever tried using a mobile app to get work done outside the office, only to realize you needed to use another app to actually complete the task? What started as a quick to-do ends up taking far longer than you expected. There are thousands of solutions on the market today, but a glance at the “productivity” category of your favorite app store reveals a sea of options with limited functionality, requiring users to cobble together various apps to get the simplest things accomplished.

Think about a task as simple as marking up a spreadsheet with your feedback on your iPad. You first need to get the file onto your device, either via a file sync and share app or by emailing it to yourself. Then you need to find an app with annotation capability in the app store and buy or download it. From there, you need to…

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Coffee Vending at Vendfind

Coffee Vending at Vendfind

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